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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

CarGoSeat - The 2-in-1 Booster Seat and Travel Suitcase - A Review

As frequent travellers, it is fair to say that we have tried numerous products over the years to try and make our journeys as easy and as comfortable as possible for our children. Compact suitcases, an extensive collection of travel games and numerous pillows with blankets have all been tried and tested in our aim for stress-free family adventures. However, there is one particular comfort and safety aspect that has always bothered me - Booster Seats!

My two eldest children no longer require a booster seat, however my 7 year old still does and this has presented numerous problems on our journeys. Firstly, we sometimes get a minibus to the airport in the UK, especially if this works out cheaper than parking, however our usual taxi company does not provide booster seats and so you are left with the choice of travelling with no booster seat (a no go from me) or using our own seat and then either having to leave it with the taxi company or hauling it around the airport with us and on holiday.

Secondly, when we then book our transfers overseas we are often faced with an additional charge for the use of their booster seat. An example of this was on our trip to Italy last year, where we were charged an additional 20 euros each way, for a booster seat that looked so grim and tatty. However, faced with no other option, we choose to pay it, to ensure that Riley had a safe journey.

You can therefore imagine just how happy I was to hear about a brand new and innovative product called the CarGoSeat, which addresses all of the issues I have faced previously. Not only does the CarGoSeat offer a safe and sturdy booster seat for travel, but it can also be used as a 10 litre travel suitcase, offering a 2 in 1 product that is perfect for mini travellers.

The CarGoSeat is suitable for children within the weight range of 22kg to 36kg, who are also at a height of 125cm or taller. It comes in a lovely selection of colours which are Purple, Green, Pink and Blue. Riley chose to review the Blue one and I must admit that it is a really nice bright and vibrant colour which looks great.

The outer packaging of the product is minimal and can either be retained for future reference as suggested on the rear, or when you are ready to dispose it can simply be popped in the cardboard recycling bin. This is also another element of the product that appealed to me, as once you have finished using your product to the point that it is no longer required, there is an address on the back of the packaging that you can send it to, for the CarGoSeat to be recycled.

Obviously with any booster seat, the most important features are the safety aspects. This was therefore the first thing that I looked into once it arrived and I was reassured to see that it meets ECE R44/04 Regulation Standards, as well as noting that it has been rigorously crash tested. It also comes with a 12 month warranty.

Once I had removed the packaging, Riley had a good look at his new CarGoSeat and started wheeling it around the house. We tested the wheels on a variety of surfaces such as the carpet, kitchen floor, grass and the pavement and experienced no problems with movement. I am therefore confident that Riley will be able to manouvere this comfortably when we next go to the airport.

Riley was also keen to see just how many of his toys, clothing and other belongings he could fit inside, so he spent some time learning how to open the clasp safely and how to lock it into place, before filling it with items. With there being 10 litres of space, this is an ample size for some travel toys, snacks and a few pieces of clothing.

When it came to placing the CarGoSeat in our vehicle, we found this to be really simple and it literally took seconds to get it into place. It has to be used with a diagonal 3 point lap belt and it is not suitable for use with a lap belt, so this is an important fact to remember to ensure its safe use. When you are ready to use it, you simply place it on your chosen seat and lift up the arms which are located either side by pressing in the yellow button located within the wheel on each side. You then need to ensure that the red clip is placed at shoulder height for your child and then attach this to the seatbelt and ensure that the belt is safely secured across the seat. There are pictured instructions located on the side of the CarGoSeat should you ever need a reminder.

Another aspect that I really liked about this product is how easy it is to clean. The seat pad is easily removable and washable and the fully plastic body makes it very simple to wipe over after each use, ensuring that it doesn't retain any crumbs or get too grubby.

Overall we are really impressed with the CarGoSeat and we will definitely get plenty of use out of it on our travels. I love the innovative design and the colour range that the product is available in. It is very lightweight, making it easy to carry and I found that the wheels moved well on a variety of different surfaces. Riley was able to fit plenty of his items inside for safe keeping and he found it a real novelty that he was putting toys and clothes inside a booster seat. Both my husband and I found it very easy to fit in the car and I can't wait to use this on our future travels. With an RRP of £49.99 I think that it offers really good value for money and would happily recommend it to others.

If you would like to find out more about the CarGoSeat, then you can find their website and social media pages on the following channels:

Website -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram -

There is also a fabulous Twitter Party planned for July 16th 2020 between 4pm and 5pm, so why not pop over and join in with the fun.

*Disclaimer - We were gifted a CarGo Seat for the purpose of writing an honest review of the product. All opinions and thoughts are my own unless otherwise stated. 

Friday, 5 October 2018

Our Review of the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Playset

Num Noms are the super cute collectible range that not only look like food, but smell like it too! By mixing a num and a nom you can create your very own flavours and make deliciously scented treats. Some also contain surprises such as lip gloss or nail varnish which are sure to be popular with any mini-makeup fans.

Some people may consider the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck to be a 'girls toy', but my son Riley loves all kinds of toys, whether that be his trains, cars and building tools, or his dolls house, princess teddies and kitchen. He absolutely loves pretend play and can use his imagination to create many different scenarios that help him to have fun. When opportunities arise for product reviews such as this one, I will always ask Riley whether it is something he would want to try out and when he saw the Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck, it was a definite YES PLEASE!

I explained to him that you could create your own lip gloss using the truck and he was so excited by the thought that he could make his mummy some special make-up all by himself, as well as having a super cool truck to add to his vehicle collection. He loved how cute the Num Noms looked and waited very patiently for the product to arrive a few days later.

On arrival, it was much bigger than he had expected, so he was really excited to open up the packaging and put it to the test. His older sister was on hand to help him out with the scissors and she carefully removed all the packaging for him. Some parts were a little tricky, so I would definitely recommend having a grown up on hand to help remove all the pieces from the box.

Inside the packaging the product contained:

 - Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck
 - 1 Lip Gloss Base
 - 2 Lip Gloss Flavours
 - 1 Glitter Sprinkles
 - 1 Cupcake Making Tool with Cherry Spatula
 - 1 Special Edition Scented Num
 - 3 Lip Gloss Container Noms

The truck was already assembled, so all Riley needed to do was place the smaller individual items into the Lip Gloss Truck. He excitedly picked up the ingredients to make the lip gloss and decided that he was going to make some for his sister first. There is a large tub of lip gloss provided and you simply scoop some of this, add one of the flavours (cleverly designed as sauce bottles), finishing off with some glitter sprinkles. You can then place this in the 'Mr Whippy' style ice cream dispenser and push the lip gloss through using the plunger provided and into your chosen pot, cone or ice cream glass below.

Riley absolutely loved pretending he was an ice cream seller and made several different flavours of lip gloss for both his sister and me. He then pretended that he had his own shop and we had to smell and test out his creations. He then decided that it would be a 'drive-through' ice cream stall where you could purchase ice cream or make-up, so he got all of his other toy vehicles and made them form an orderly queue. It was certainly a toy that inspired Riley to use his imagination and creativity, which was great to see.

It is a multi-purpose toy, so as well as the facility to make lip gloss, it can also be used as a play set and toy vehicle as the wheels move around easily. The handle on the top makes the toy easy to carry and all of the contents can pack away nicely inside or on top of the truck. Visually it looks bright, colourful and appealing and certainly stands out.

Riley asked me a couple of times why there was no music and in fairness I can see his point. In a product that looks just like an ice cream truck, it would have been great to have had a button that played some tunes whilst being moved around. If I was to make any changes to the toy then the addition of some music, sound effects or lights would be it.

There is enough lip gloss base provided to make six good sized portions and Riley made three lots during his first time of playing with the toy. He is five years old and found the process easy enough to do by himself, though I would always recommend parental supervision just in case of any mishaps or spillages.

As you can imagine the lip gloss does get sticky and a little messy too, so it is best to clean the dispenser, cupcake tool and spatula as soon as you have finished creating. I found that soap & water didn't work too great in removing all the lip gloss, so Riley suggested using baby wipes. This was an excellent idea as these worked perfectly in cleaning the entire truck ready to be used again.

Overall we thought that the Num Noms Lip Gloss truck was great. We all had so much fun making our own creations and I couldn't help but have a go myself. I think the toy is well designed with minimal small parts and it is very easy to pack everything away. We loved its versatility of being a creative toy, but also one that could be used as a vehicle in other imaginative ways. I like the fact that once all the lip gloss has been used and made, Riley will still have a truck that he can play with whenever he wants which is great. With an RRP of £29.99 I think it represents good value for money and appears to be a good quality product.

It is available to purchase from Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer, Amazon* and all other good toy retailers.

If you would like to find our more about the Num Noms range, then you can visit their website or social media pages on the following channels:

Website - Num Noms
Facebook -
Instagram - @officialnumnoms
YouTube -

Disclaimer: We were sent this product free of charge in order to provide our honest review of the product. Thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own unless otherwise stated. *Link to Amazon is an affiliate link which means that I may receive a small commission should you choose to purchase an item from their website.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Review - Our Weekend Driving The All-New Ford Focus ST-Line

It is hard to believe that it is actually 17 years since I passed my driving test. I can remember feeling so nervous after already having several unsuccessful attempts and had convinced myself that I would fail all over again. Somehow I managed to pull myself together and finally passed with flying colours, although this left the slight issue of having no vehicle to actually drive.

With my new found freedom desperate to hit the road, my dad took me to one of the local garages, where I also had my first experience of applying for vehicle finance and I came away with an N reg Ford Escort, which at the time looked incredible. Over the years I have owned numerous Ford cars including the KA, Fiesta and Mondeo and I have seen first hand the improvements that they have made to the vehicles in this time. Therefore when Evans Halshaw got in touch to ask me if I would be interested in driving the All-New Ford Focus for the weekend, I jumped at the chance!

Obviously since passing my driving test, my wants and needs in a vehicle have changed considerably. My younger self wouldn't often think about the safety aspect, but more about the cars appearance and speed. However, these are now usually the last things I would look at, instead opting to consider the safety features, boot size, fuel economy and space instead. As a family we often travel in the car altogether, so these are all important factors that I now need to consider. But what if there was a car that literally ticked all the boxes, something that could appeal to my inner youth as well as the sensible thinking mum?

We were therefore very excited about putting the new Ford Focus ST-Line to the test and my husband went to collect our vehicle from the helpful representatives at our local Evans Halshaw Garage. When he arrived home, he was greeted by a flurry of oohs and aahs from the children whose first impressions speak for themselves. Before he had even had the chance to get out of the drivers seat, the children were asking if they could sit inside and explore what would be our car for the weekend.

As a family that travels regularly, we decided to test the car by driving through coast and country and enjoying a weekend break on the west coast of Wales. This would give us the opportunity to test every element of the car from suitcase capacity to speed. With plenty of hills to drive up we could also determine its power and control on the roads.

The exterior design was so sleek and stylish and this car definitely stands out from the crowd. We loved the black mesh grille with the elegant front bumper and felt that this was complimented nicely by the 17 inch alloy wheels. The ST-Line badge featured on the rear of the car, as well as on the door trim and it certainly turned a few heads when we were parked up. The windows were shaped nicely and my children especially liked the fact that they were tinted. It would appear that being able to pull funny faces at people when they can't see you is a big plus point for my kids!

The interior was just as great, with a really modern feel to it. We loved the little extras that made it look really trendy and sporty, such as the red stitching on the steering wheel and the sports seats. Chrome pedals and the silver trim around the dash finished the look off nicely and most importantly it was extremely comfortable. I felt well supported and snug in the both the driver's and passenger seat and also had plenty of leg room. My children felt that they had ample space in the back and although Riley is still in a car seat, all three of them could fit easily without feeling squashed.

In the front of the car there were two USB charging points and one 12V socket and in the rear was another 12V. This was great for keeping the kids connected whilst travelling and ensuring that any devices could remain charged. My mobile battery drains really quickly, so it was great to be able to use the USB port from the passenger seat whilst catching up on social media. There was a large touch sensitive LCD screen which could be used to control the radio, bluetooth connectivity and general settings. This was really easy to use and was handy for making phone calls whilst on the move using voice control. Our vehicle did not have Sat Nav but this can be purchased as an optional extra.

As we were heading away for the weekend we were a little concerned beforehand that we wouldn't be able to fit everything in the boot. However, there was in fact plenty of room for both our suitcases, a large plastic tub of food and even a portable fridge. In the space that was left, we managed to fit a large box of wooden train track that Riley insisted on bringing with him, some toys and a couple of footballs. Due to the fact that we could fit everything in the boot, this meant that none of us had to place anything by our feet. This usually happens quite regularly when we are heading off on a trip, so we were all happy that we could sit comfortably and relax on the journey without being surrounded by our belongings.

In terms of vehicle functionality, there are some very clever features that can assist drivers greatly. A particular favourite of ours was the Stop & Go function, which meant that the car would detect when you had come to a stop and automatically apply the brake. It would then release again when you were ready to move. As we were travelling during the Friday night rush hour, we experienced plenty of stop and start traffic, so we found this to be a superb little function.

Another element we were impressed by was the Speed Sign Recognition. When travelling along country roads the speed can change quite quickly in some areas from the National Speed Limit to as low as 20 mph depending on which village you are passing through and sometimes it can be easy to miss the signs. The Speed Sign Recognition tells you on the screen in front of the steering wheel what the speed limit is and based on our experience, this was extremely accurate. It actually became a bit of a travel game as the children would look out for speed signs and we would see how quickly the car would tell us and whether it was accurate. I am pleased to report that it had a 100% pass rate, which is very impressive.

The lane centre assist works to ensure that you are central to lane marking and has the ability to correct steering and ensure that your car is within the marked lane. Whilst we didn't actually need to use this feature, I did see plenty of other drivers who would probably make good use of this, considering the amount of vehicles we spotted crossing the lines on the dual carriageway.

Cruise control was very simple to manage and we found that all the features were well placed for the driver to use with ease. The whole design both internally and externally has been expertly thought out and we were left extremely impressed with our experience.

The Ford Focus ST-Line was very fuel economic and despite driving a 200 mile round trip, we still had just under half a tank of fuel left when we returned it to our local Evans Halshaw garage on the Sunday.

Overall we had a fantastic time driving the New Ford Focus ST-Line vehicle and had lots of fun trying out of all its functions and features. I found it to be a really smooth drive regardless of the type of road surface we were driving on. It could maintain its speed and climb hills with ease and my husband particularly loved the Sport mode, which would give it that extra boost on the acceleration and made it more responsive. It was great to be able to use a car that not only appealed to us as adults, but that also ticked all the boxes for a suitable family vehicle, with both safety and space being paramount throughout. Whether cruising down the motorway or tackling the welsh countryside lanes, this vehicle made driving a pleasure and we would definitely consider it for our next family car.

If you would like to find out more about the All-New Ford Focus then you can visit the website here: All-New Ford Focus

Alternatively, you can find out more about the great new Ford vehicles Evans Halshaw have on offer over on their website: Evans Halshaw Ford

To find your nearest Evans Halshaw dealership, then please visit: Evans Halshaw

*Disclaimer: We were provided with a Ford Focus ST-Line for a weekend, for the purpose of writing an honest review of our experience. Thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Nikko RC Pyscho Gyro Vehicle by Toy State - A Review

For the last few weeks we have been bringing you some toy reviews and recommendations. A lot of these have been aimed at the younger market, but we were very excited to recently be given the opportunity to review the Nikko RC Pyscho Gyro Vehicle, which is recommended for children aged 8+.

My son Ben has always loved anything remote control and has built up a collection of supercar remote control vehicles over the last few years. We were therefore intrigued to see just what the Nikko RC Pyscho Gyro Vehicle could offer in terms of fun, speed and stunts. Could it keep my 9 year old son entertained? Well we couldn't wait to find out!

When the product arrived it came in a large box, with a clear plastic front. This meant that you could completely see both the vehicle and the controller inside the box. I always prefer it when companies do this, so that you have a clear understanding of exactly what the product looks like and how big it is. It looked very impressive and immediately generated a loud "WOW" from Ben. The box displays that there is a 40m range, as well as providing some images of the product in use. It also shows what batteries are required and that there is a fast 1 hour charging time.

The reverse of the box provides some large pictures of the vehicle in different positions, as well as a very clear picture of the controller. There is also some links provided to watch some stunts on YouTube, as well as the Nikko website address, where there is further information on the product available.

Ben couldn't wait to get the box open, but we explained that we would need to put it on charge for a while first, before he could use it. This resulted in Ben eagerly waiting in the kitchen whilst it charged for an hour, asking every five minutes whether it was ready yet. Once it was fully charged, Ben immediately took it into the living room to try it out and get used to the controls. It didn't take him long to get the hang of it and he found the vehicle very easy to manoeuvre.

The Nikko Pyscho Gyro is capable of some fantastic feats. It's gyro stunt technology allows users to spin their cars around on two wheels. Amazingly it is also possible to spin on only one wheel! The vehicle has high grip tyres which allow for high performance traction both indoor and outdoors. This has enabled my son to be able to play with the toy both on the carpet, as well as on the decking and concrete outside without any issue.

Before long, he had realised how easy it was to get it to spin on two wheels and so we were treated to the sound of it spinning on the kitchen floor until the battery ran out, which took quite a while. It had certainly grasped Ben's attention and was keeping him well entertained. He managed to drive it all the way to school the following day. I explained that we were going on holiday the following week and that there would be plenty of places to try the product out there, so he was excited to take the toy away with us too.

As expected there was plenty of outdoor space to play with it and put it to the test. We were staying on a lodge park which had very quiet roads and long concrete areas, which meant that the vehicle could travel smoothly and that we were able to test the distance it could travel accurately.

Ben loved the fact that the vehicle could rotate at speed on both one wheel and two wheels. We found this to be really clever, as each time we thought the vehicle would flip over, but bizarrely it was able to spin around and balance on one wheel without any problem. Here you can see a clip of the Nikko RC Pyscho Gyro Vehicle in Slow Motion:

The vehicle is approximately 27cm in length, which is a great size to be able to carry or store away with ease. As mentioned previously, we took ours away on holiday with us and it fitted in the suitcase, amongst all our other things, with ease.

If I was to change one element of the Nikko RC Psycho Gyro Vehicle, it would be the battery casing on the underneath of the toy. It requires a small screwdriver each time you need to remove the battery and it is also quite a compact fit getting it back in once charged. It is definitely something best handled by an adult as think it would be far too tricky for smaller hands. A clip release battery cover would have been much better.

Overall, we have been really impressed with the toy. It seems very durable and is built from good quality materials. Ben drove it into several kerbs whilst getting the hang of the controls and it has had numerous bumps into walls and other items, but there has been no damage to it, nor are there any visible marks, which is a good sign of a well built product. My son loves being able to control the stunts and the one wheel spin is his favourite. Accompanied with a cool and trendy design in a choice of two colours, this toy certainly looks the part and at an RRP of £59.99 it offers great value for money.

For more information on the Nikko RC Psycho Gyro Vehicle or other products in the Toy State range, you can visit the Toy State website here - Toy State

This product is available to purchase from Argos, Debenhams, Menkind, Hamley's, Smyths & Amazon.

Disclaimer: We were provided with this product on a complimentary basis, for the purpose of providing an honest review of the product. This post contains an affiliate link. Opinions, photographs and videos are my own, unless stated otherwise.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Toy State Marvel Avengers Hulk Hero Rider™ Toy - Review

Our Christmas preparations are now in full swing and the Christmas shopping has begun. All of my children have written their gift wish lists, that were expertly created by each of them with the use of endless toy catalogues, multiple trips to the shops and some online reviews. I rely a lot on reviews to help me make an informed choice about which products I would like to buy and determine whether a toy is actually as good as it looks in a picture or on an advert. Therefore, over the next few weeks, I am going to be sharing our own reviews on some of my children's favourite toy products out on the market at the moment and I hope that you will find these useful in the run up to Christmas.

You may have seen me mention previously, that my son Riley has a love for vehicles. It doesn't matter what kind of vehicle, as long as it moves and it can be used to create a story or a little town based around one of his road rugs. Cars, trains, planes, boats, quad bikes, helicopters, diggers, you name it, I can pretty much guarantee he will have one in his collection. He is a big fan of imaginative play, so he uses his vehicles to create pretend scenarios where he can also introduce some of his favourite characters and get creative with his toys.

He was therefore delighted, when we were recently sent the Marvel Avengers Hulk Hero Rider™ by Toy State, as this incorporates one of his favourite Marvel characters riding a truck and has the benefit of a character and a vehicle in one toy. The product came nicely presented in an open front box, so you can see exactly what you are getting before purchasing. This also gives access to the buttons on the top, so you can also hear the sounds that the toy makes.

The box describes the toy has having a Hero Swivel Driving Action which is also highlighted on the side of the box, using graphics to show that the figure on the top of the truck can move from side to side. There is also an age recommendation of 3 years+.

The box was very easy to open and I was pleasantly surprised to find it very simple to detach the Hero Rider™ from the packaging. It is one of my pet hates at Christmas when the children want all their toys open, to find that you then need about twenty different tools just to get the product out. This item has a very simple twist and pull mechanism though, so Riley was able to have the toy out of the box in less than a minute. Another huge bonus for us, was that batteries were already included in the product. It does state on the bottom of the box that these are included for store display purposes, however Riley has played with this toy regularly over the past two weeks and they are not showing any signs of running out just yet.

Riley found the Hulk Hero Rider™ to be very straightforward to use and was able to push it along manually, or alternatively, he could press one of the buttons which would then allow The Hulk to power the vehicle. We have had a couple of similar toys in the past and found that sometimes these kind of toys only work well on hard floors such as laminate or tiles, however, this one flies across our carpet with no problem at all, which was a big plus point for me. This means that Riley isn't limited to where he can play with it and it is suitable for all the floor surfaces in our home.

When you press the buttons on the top of the The Hulk Hero Rider, this also activates some great sound effects which include Hulk noises and music. The buttons also make The Hulk move from left to right as he controls the vehicle at speed.

The product dimensions are approximately 19cm in height, 10cm width and 17cm depth. This makes it a really nice sized toy to play with as well as being the perfect toy to store away with ease. It is chunky and well built, ideal for small hands and more than capable of withstanding the toddler test.

Overall I have found this to be a really good quality product, which Riley thoroughly enjoys playing with. There are a couple of other Hero Rider's available in the range, so we are thinking of purchasing another so that we can have Hero Rider™ races and see which vehicle can move the quickest. The RRP of the product is £22.99 which I think is a reasonable price for a Marvel themed product that offers several play options.

The product is currently available to buy at Argos and further information can also be found on their product page.

Disclaimer: We were provided with this product on a complimentary basis, for the purpose of providing an honest review and opinion.