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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Cancer Research UK Flower Shop - A Review

Cancer is a subject that is close to many people's hearts. If not experienced personally, then it is likely that you know of somebody who has been affected by it, at some point in their lives. It can be an extremely worrying and daunting time for everyone involved and that is why Cancer Research UK are consistently working hard to fund research, that may one day help to find a cure.

In the past month alone, both of my parents have had to undergo medical procedures, operations and biopsies in order to rule out cancer and ensure that this was not the reason for their health problems. Luckily in both cases, they came back clear, but there are many others out there that are not so lucky. 

Cancer Research UK are the UK's biggest charity and rely on donations, fundraising and awareness to help them continue their work. There are many ways to get involved and help, whether that be by making a donation, volunteering in one of their shops, donating items or fundraising. There are loads of possibilities to help make a difference to the fantastic work that this charity does.

I recently found out that online florist Prestige Flowers have teamed up with Cancer Research UK to open the Cancer Research UK Flower Shop, where 25% of all purchases are donated to the charity. This means that when purchasing a beautiful bunch of flowers for a loved one, family member or friend, you can also be doing your bit for charity and supporting this wonderful cause.

I was therefore delighted to be offered the chance to review one of the bouquets in the range and help to raise awareness on the blog. 

The bouquet I received was called Luxury Delight, which was probably the most ideal name you could have chosen for it. The flowers were absolutely stunning and the arrangement consisted of Stargazer Lillies, Memory Lane Roses and Deep Water Roses. They didn't only look fantastic, but smelt absolutely wonderful too.

They were delivered in a large monochrome cardboard box by Royal Mail and were expertly packaged inside, wrapped in beautiful white paper and water padding around the stems. This ensured that the flowers still received water throughout transportation, whilst also keeping the box and surroundings dry.

There was a white inner box inside the main packaging which when you lifted the top handle, helped to remove the bouquet from the box. It was then that I found some added surprises in the form of a lovely gift card, super-soft teddy bear and a glass vase, which was the perfect size for the flowers. They looked so nice all wrapped up that initially I didn't want to take off the wrapping for fear of spoiling the arrangement, but they had all been secured together at the stems, so I needn't have worried.

My son Riley quickly took the teddy to add to his ever growing collection, whilst I set about removing the bouquet from the packaging and arranging them in a vase. Initially I placed them altogether in the vase provided, but as the selection was so large, I made the decision the following day to split them between two vases so that I could have one on my window frame and another on the table. 

After seeing how lovely the flowers were, I visited the Cancer Research UK Flower Shop website which can be found here: to see what other bouquets and gifts were available in the range.

The website is really user friendly and products are sorted into a variety of different categories which ranged from Birthday Flowers to Fruit Hampers and Congratulations to New Baby Gifts. The bouquets and gifts available for purchase all have very clear images, to give you an excellent idea of what your gift will look like.

A large selection of the items are available for Next Day delivery and this is available 7 days a week. I thought that this was a huge bonus as so many online stores only offer next day delivery Monday to Thursday, so it was great to see a retailer being able to provide this service each and every single day.

The bouquet of flowers I received are actually listed under the Birthday category, but I am sure you would agree that they would actually be suitable for a whole range of occasions.

Overall, I was extremely impressed by both the service received and the bouquet of flowers. They were exactly as portrayed in the online image and looked wonderful. The bouquet I had delivered was much larger than I had expected and I think it was great that in the end I was able to split them between two different vases. This certainly made a lovely display in my living room. My favourite thing about this item though, is of course that a charitable donation goes to such a worthy cause. This means that not only would a gift recipient be receiving a lovely bouquet, but that a percentage of the purchase price would also be going to Cancer Research UK.

You can view the full range of flowers on their website here: Cancer Research UK Flower Shop

To find out more about Cancer Research UK you can also visit their site here:

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary bouquet of flowers for the purpose of writing an honest review of the service and product I received. All opinions and photographs are my own unless otherwise stated. The RRP value of the flowers I received is £40 and therefore I will also be making a donation of £10 towards the charity.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Beautiful Flowers & Gifts from Prestige Flowers

I have recently started looking for gifts to purchase for friends and family as I have a few upcoming special dates in our diary. Father's Day is just around the corner on the 18th June and July seems to be full of friends birthdays as well as the end of the school term. My youngest son has nearly completed his first year of nursery and I have seen his confidence grow so much throughout the year that I would like to buy his teachers something special to say thank you for all their help and guidance.

Prestige Flowers have a fantastic website, which features a whole host of flower arrangements for all occasions and to suit most budgets. The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate, with the categories clearly displayed across the top of the page. This makes it easy to find the perfect gift for your loved one or friend. The selection of bouquets available are beautiful and you are literally spoilt for choice.

In addition to their wonderful selection of flowers, the site also features a great choice of gifts that can be added on to your flower order or can also be bought on their own. The Father's Day page has some great gift ideas including flowers, sweet treats, balloons, hampers, alcohol and gift sets.

The Birthday Flowers page showcases some stunning selections and there is bound to be a beautiful bouquet to suit all tastes. The combination gift sets offer great value for money and my personal preference are the sets that come with flowers, chocolates and a balloon.

I was therefore delighted when Prestige Flowers kindly offered to send me some flowers from their luxury range to review. I had previously received a beautiful Valentine's bouquet from them back in February and so I was very excited to be able to sample another bouquet from a different range.

I received an email confirming that my order would arrive on Monday 5th June and sure enough there was a knock at the door just after lunchtime. Even the packaging that the flowers arrive in comes well presented in a beautifully decorated box. The box has useful cut out handles which makes it easy to carry and it is very simple to unpack.

On opening the box I found a flower care guide, a small box of chocolates, a card, another small box and some stunning flowers that were neatly and safely wrapped. I proceeded to open the smaller box and was pleased to find a lovely glass vase inside that was perfect for my new flowers.

The beautiful bouquet came wrapped in glossy white wrapping, with some soaked material around the base of the flowers to help keep them fresh. It featured stunning Peonies, Carnations & Roses in a mixture of dark and pale pink colours. They smelt absolutely beautiful and had a strong, but not overpowering scent.

I found the flower care guide enclosed really useful as it provided specific information on caring for the roses, as well as information on other types of flowers. The essential tips on the reverse of this guide also gave great advice and will help me to maintain the flowers for as long as possible. The guide is only little so it is very easy to store away and keep safe for future reference.

The flowers also came with a small box of chocolate truffles which were absolutely delicious. They come in a lovely little gift box and are the perfect miniature sweet treat for any chocolate fan.

To begin with I initially placed the full bouquet exactly as it came, in the vase that was provided to ensure that all the stems received plenty of water. As the week has progressed I have began to trim the stems and rearrange them to make sure they absorb lots of water. I keep them on my windowsill for a few hours a day to receive sunlight and then move them to my display stand early afternoon to ensure they are not in direct light all day. I believe that this helps to make the bouquet last longer and nearly five days later they look absolutely fantastic.

Overall, I have been really pleased with Prestige Flowers and I would gladly recommend them to others. The bouquet was stunning and I was also impressed with the packaging and speed of delivery. The website is very user friendly and I have found some absolutely gorgeous gifts in their birthday range starting at only £19.99 for flowers and chocolates.

If you would like to visit the Prestige Flowers website then this can be found here: Prestige Flowers

The birthday range can be found on this page here - Birthday Flowers

Also if you would like to keep up to date with their latest products then you can follow Prestige Flowers social media channels here:

Twitter - @prestigeflowers
Facebook - PrestigeFlowersUK
Instagram - @prestigeflowersuk

Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary bouquet for the purpose of providing an honest and impartial review. All opinions and photographs are my own unless otherwise stated.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Prestige Flowers - A Review

I still remember the first time that I was bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers and how special and loved it made me feel. It was a couple of days before my wedding and my husband (fiance at the time) had arranged for a huge bouquet of flowers to be delivered to my workplace. I remember everyone stopping by my desk to admire them, and my colleagues asking questions about who had bought them for me and why.

With the ordering of flowers now easily accessible online, without a trip to the local florist, it is a great way to show someone special just how much you care. Flowers have the amazing ability to make you feel loved and generate a great feeling of happiness. It is also a lovely feeling to know that at a certain moment in time, you were the only person on someones mind when they were busy arranging such a lovely gesture and gift.

Prestige Flowers have a fantastic website, which features a whole host of flower arrangements for all occasions and to suit most budgets. The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate, and the categories displayed across the top of the page make it easy to find the perfect gift for your loved one or friend. It is also a pleasure to the eye to be able to see a selection of their beautiful bouquets on the home page, which really do leave you spoilt for choice.

A few days ago, I was fortunate to receive a beautiful bouquet from Prestige Flowers. It came delivered in a lovely box, that was nicely decorated and well presented. The box was easy to carry with useful handles cut into the box, and it wasn't too heavy to bring in from the doorstep to the living room. Enclosed inside was a flower care guide, a small box of chocolates and the stunning flowers that were neatly and safely wrapped.

My stunning bouquet came in a sleek black wrapping, and a black gift bag with long handles to make it easy to remove from the box. It featured 12 red roses, arranged with hypericum berries and folded aspidistra leaves and looked amazing. My living room is very monochrome and so it was lovely to feature deep red & green colours which complemented the room beautifully and of course added a gorgeous scent too.

Once I had removed all the packaging they were even more breathtaking and I promptly found a lovely vase to display them in, and placed them on my unit in the corner of the living room where any visitors would be sure to notice them.

The flower care guide was a nice addition as it provided information specific to caring for the roses on the inside, along with information on Lily care, Tulip's and Freesia which is ideal to put aside for future reference. It also enclosed a lovely a surprise of a £5 voucher which can be used against future purchases, and on the reverse there were 7 essential tips listed which are always useful to know. The guide is only little so it is easy to store away and refer to when needed.

As mentioned previously, the flowers also came with a lovely little box of chocolate truffles and oh my they were delicious. I am not the biggest chocolate fan, but these bite sized truffles were literally a melt in the mouth delight. I had hidden them from the children so it was also great to not have to share them!

I really enjoyed arranging the flowers into the vase and I am sure you will agree they looked stunning. I have had so many compliments this week from guests all asking where they were from. The great thing about Prestige Flowers is that their Valentine's range starts from only £19.99 and so I had no issue in recommending them to my friends and family as I believe that their bouquets offer excellent value for money. You can also add additional gifts such as balloons, teddies, champagne and chocolates to make a lovely bundle.

Nearly a week later and the roses still look fantastic, and the berries have also started to open into a beautiful yellow colour. I have had them placed in the corner of the room, but I've also moved them in the vase to the window for a few hours each day to ensure that they were in the sunlight and I think that this has helped to keep them in great condition, along with the advice provided in the flower care guide.

Overall I have been really impressed with Prestige Flowers and I would gladly recommend them to others. The bouquet was stunning, but I also think it is important to get the little things right too, such as the packaging and delivery as these all add to the experience, and Prestige Flowers seem to have got this just right. The user friendly website, competitive and reasonable pricing, and their stunning ranges all help to make Prestige Flowers a go to site for your next flower bouquet. With Valentines Day fast approaching, why not check out their wonderful Valentine's flowers and gifts here: Valentine Flowers

*Disclaimer - I was provided with a complimentary bouquet of flowers for the purpose of providing an honest and impartial review. All opinions are my own.