Friday, 12 June 2020

So Slime Tie-Dye Slime Kit - Review

(AD - This post contains gifted items)

You may remember that a couple of months ago we reviewed the So Slime DIY Slimelicious Soda Shop, which Riley thoroughly enjoyed. He loves getting creative and he also loves slime, so the Slime DIY kits are perfect for him and with a great selection to choose from, there is plenty of different products for him to enjoy.

This month we were sent the So Slime Tie-Dye Slime Kit which is recommended for children aged 6+. The front of the box is really bright and colourful and features plenty of images so that you can gain a clear understanding of the product.

The reverse of the box provides very clear images of what is included inside and there is also a colour chart which gives you an indication of what kind of tie dye effect you can create by mixing different colours. Below all of the images you can find a contents list, which consists of:
  • 3 Clear Slimes
  • 1 Tool
  • 3 Glitter Bags
  • 3 Scented Colourants

Riley carefully opened all of the packaging and we lay the contents out on the table and read the instructions before continuing. Just like the previous set that we reviewed, it seemed very simple and after making sure we were clear on what we needed to do, Riley started to create his very own Tie-Dye Slime. Riley's brother Ben also decided that he wanted to join in with this review, so each of them selected their colours and began the process.

The process of creating the tie dye slime was extremely simple. As the slime is already prepared, all that you need to do is select which colours you would like to use in your tie dye slime from the choice of red, blue and yellow. You then add a drop of the colour into the slime and mix it together using the tool provided.

Ben decided that he wanted to make a galaxy themed tie-dye slime and so he mixed the blue and red colours together, before adding the pink glitter. This gave it a fabulous effect and we were all very impressed by the colours.

After seeing Ben's creation, Riley decided to mix the blue and green colours. This created a really vibrant green and created a fabulous effect.  He loved seeing how the tie-dye effect changed as he began to mix it and really enjoyed being able to change how bright the colour was by adding another drop of colour.

When Riley was happy with the colours of his tie-dye slime, he then added some coloured glitter, which he chose to mix in with his hands, whilst also playing with the slime. This gave the tie-dye slime a lovely sparkle effect which you could see glistening amongst the colours.

Riley commented that he would have preferred the 3 clear slimes to have each come in a tub of their own and I would agree with this. As there is only 1 tub, the other slime creations have to be kept in a grip bag. This is of good quality, but for ease of storage Riley would have preferred a tub for each one.

Overall we really enjoyed playing with this set together and with an RRP of only £9.99, I think that it offers good value for money. Riley would have preferred the option to make his own slime as opposed to it being pre-made in the pots, however from a parents perspective I really liked the fact that it had been pre-prepared as this ensured that any mess was minimal. It also meant that it would be the right consistency as when you make your own  I have found it can be a bit hit and miss at times. The fact that there were three lots of slime included, meant that we could also experiment with the colours, as well as having something to store the slime in once we were finished. Again we have been impressed by the So Slime DIY Kits and look forward to trying more of the range in the future.

This item has an RRP of £9.99 and is from Canal Toys. It can be purchased from shops such as Argos and there is also a great choice of So Slime products available on Amazon, If you would like to find out more about Canal Toys and their great range of products, then you can visit their website or social media pages on the following channels:

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*Disclaimer - This is a collaborative post and we were gifted this item for the purpose of writing an honest review of the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated. This blog post contains an Amazon affiliate link.

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