Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Ready2Robot Toys - A Review

My youngest son Riley has recently become very interested in collectable toy blind bags and has been using his pocket money to purchase a few over the last couple of months. I have noticed that with the majority of them, the main enjoyment simply comes from opening the packaging to see what's inside, with the resulting toy not bringing much entertainment.

However, there is now a fab new range of collectable toys, that not only offer the surprise experience, but also provide you with a super cool toy that you can actually have fun with again and again. Introducing.............Ready2Robot!

Ready2Robot is a fantastic new range of toys, that are not only great to collect, but they can also be mixed and matched to create your own custom bots. These can then be used to battle your friends in a slime-fighting robot brawl! We were recently sent a selection of Ready2Robot items to put to the test and no sooner had the parcel arrived, my children were immediately looking at the packaging and eager to find out exactly what was inside.

Firstly was the Ready2Robot blind pack which retails at £9.99. The first thing that really appealed to me about this, was the size and the packaging. It looked much more interesting than your usual blind bag and was presented in sectioned pod. Each section could be opened up and contained different coloured blind bags. This meant that my children could open numerous blind bags as opposed to just one and then figure out which robot they had received by putting the pieces together.

In total there are 5 chambers to open, providing plenty of unboxing mystery for children. The blind bags in each chamber contain various parts of the robot amounting to 7 unique bot parts in total. My two boys Riley and Ben had been busy opening the bags and connecting all the parts together to construct their bot, but we were then concerned that there didn't seem to be a pilot. We checked all the chambers thinking that we must have missed a bag and having not previously seen these toys before, we weren't aware of how you actually find your pilot!

After some searching Ben pressed a button,which much to our surprise, released a further capsule out of the bottom of the lower chamber. Enclosed was a pot of slime and much to the boys delight, we quickly realised that the pilot was INSIDE the slime pot, which meant lots of gooey messy fun for Ben and Riley as they pulled him out. In total it took us half an hour to fully unpack, construct and slime search for the pilot, which is much longer than your traditional blind bag and much more fun too! Already the boys were hooked and loved how the packets were all hidden inside the chambers.

There are a total of 19 different Mechbots to collect so once you start to build your collection you can customise your robots by swapping and changing pieces or adding weapons and accessories to help build your ultimate brawler!

The product is recommended for children aged 5+ but the parts are quite small so I would always recommend adult supervision as well, especially with slime being involved too. I do think that this is the ideal age for these toys though as Riley is 5 and absolutely loved all of the surprises. He couldn't wait to open each of the bags and he also enjoyed putting all the bot pieces together. With the first bot built and ready to battle, we continued to open the other packages to see what was inside. We were now Ready2Robot!

The next item we opened was the Ready2Robot Bot Blaster. These retail at £14.99 and contain 1 blind packed Ready2Robot chamber pod, as well as 5 accessories, which included a spring loaded missile that is sure to help in any robot battle. Again the boys were excited to be opening the chambers and as we now knew that slime was involved, we placed an old towel down on the floor just in case of any spillages whilst searching for the pilot. I really loved the packaging on these as they really catch your attention with the bright and bold robot design. I also think that they are just the right size for birthday gifts or stocking filler Christmas presents and I am sure that they will be appearing on my children's gift list this year too, since they are now keen to build on their collection.

Lastly we received a Ready2Robot Battle Pack which was fantastic and contained 20 pieces in total. Again the boys had the enjoyment of opening the blind packed chamber pod, but this set also contained a ready assembled and visible Mechbot and pilot, as well as a Bot Blaster.

I really like the fact that you can see one of the mechbots in this set, as it offers you the best of both worlds. If you are after a particular Mechbot then obviously this can help with your purchase decision, whilst still having the mystery of what might be in the blind chamber. There are currently 4 different offerings within this assortment and I think that the RRP of £19.99 offers really good value for money.

Overall we are really impressed with the Ready2Robot collectable toy range and we found all the products to be great fun. It is definitely a collection that we will be building on and my children are already looking forward to mixing and matching their bots with some new ones in the future. I think that the prices of the toys represent good value for money and they are definitely contenders for Christmas gifts in our family this year.

Ready2Robot toys can currently be found at Smyths Toys and you can view their full range here: Smyths Toys

For more information on Ready2Robot you can visit their website and social media on the following channels:

Website - Ready2Robot
Instagram - @Ready2Robot
YouTube - Ready2Robot
Facebook - www.facebook.com/ready2robot

Disclaimer: We received a selection of Ready2Robot toys free of charge for the purpose of writing an honest review post of the products. All opinions and photographs are my own unless stated otherwise.

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