Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment comes to Echo Arena, Liverpool - Trivia Quiz!

There is less than three weeks to go until Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment skates into the Echo Arena, Liverpool from the 11th to 15th April. To celebrate this fantastic event, we have a fun Disney on Ice inspired trivia quiz for you, so you can test your knowledge and find out just how big a fan you are! I would love to hear how you get on, so please feel free to leave a comment with your score.

If you would like to find out more about the show, or how to purchase tickets, then you can find everything you need to know in our blog post here: Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment

Good luck with the quiz!

The answers to all the questions, can be found at the bottom of the page. No peeking!

1) Ariel has a fascination with what in 'The Little Mermaid'?

2) In "The Little Mermaid" Ursula gives Ariel the ability to walk on land. How long is this ability supposed to last?

3) What is the name of Ariel's best friend?

4) What is the device that Ariel refers to as a "dinglehopper"?

5) What colour was Tow Mater in "Cars" before he became rusty?

6) What does Flo sell in Radiator Springs?

7) What type of car is Sally?

8) True or False: You never see humans in "Cars".

9) What type of tyres does Lightning McQueen have?

10) What does Flo's license plate say in "Cars"?

11) What is the name of Sally's motel in "Cars"?

12) What is the road that Lightning McQueen finds himself lost on when he stumbles upon Radiator Springs?

13) What is Ramone's job?

14) What is Andy's last name?

15) Sid Phillips, Andy's next door neighbour from the original Toy Story makes a brief appearance in the third movie as what?

16) The calendar in Andy's room is always set to what month?

17) True or False: Lots-o Huggin Bear appeared in the first Toy Story movie?

18) What is the name of the daycare centre the toys end up at in Toy Story 3?

19) How do the toys realise that Andy is looking for them in Toy Story 3?

20) Who saves the toys from the incinerator in Toy Story 3?

21) Where does Ken ask Barbie to live with him?

22) In Toy Story 3, Lotso forces the toys to stay in what room of the daycare centre?

23) In which kingdom do Anna and Elsa live?

24) Who likes "warm hugs"?

25) What is Kristoff's profession?

26) What phrase does Elsa repeat when trying to control her powers?

27) Why do the guards open up the gates of the palace?

28) How long have the gates been closed in Arendelle?

Answers: 1.Humans or the Human World, 2.Three Days, 3. Flounder, 4. A fork, 5. Baby Blue, 6. Gas or "the finest fuel", 7. A blue Porsche, 8. True! Everything in the movie resembles something to do with cars. Even bugs resemble miniature Volkswagen Bugs, 9. Lightyear, 10. "Sho Girl" or Show Girl, 11. Cozy Cone, 12. Route 66, 13. He owns a body shop called "Ramone's House of Body Art", 14. Davis. It is written on his high school diploma which you see when he goes to the bulletin board to look at the picture of him as a child playing with the toys, 15. A garbage man, 16. August, 17. True. A very early version of Lotso appeared in the original Toy Story film on Andy's desk, 18. Sunnyside, 19. Mrs Potato Head's other eye is still in Andy's room, 20. The Aliens, 21. In his dream house, 22. The Caterpillar Room, 23. The Kingdom of Arendelle, 24. Olaf, 25. He is an ice harvester, 26. "Conceal it....don't feel it.....don't let it show.", 27. Elsa's coronation, 28. 13 years.

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