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Our Stay at the Appartello Smarttime Living in Hamburg, Germany

It isn't often that we come across a hotel that offers continued excellence and quality from start to finish, however The Appartello Smarttime Living Hotel in Hamburg, managed to exceed our expectations and provide an outstanding service from the moment we arrived.

It is a modern apartment hotel that offers 76 rooms, which are suitable for both business travellers, as well as families looking for a relaxing stay. The hotel is conveniently situated close to the airport, but also within easy reach of public transport, which makes exploring the city extremely simple.

Our journey to Hamburg began with an early morning flight from Manchester, which meant that we had been up since 4am in the morning to get to the airport on time. I checked the bus schedule beforehand and knew that we needed to catch the number 39 bus from the airport terminal once we arrived. The bus stops are well signposted and it was simply a case of crossing the road and waiting for our bus, which ran every 20 minutes. After a short while, the bus arrived and we enjoyed a short ten minute journey to the hotels nearest bus stop which was Alsterdorfer Damm. The buses all have small screens that show the next stop, so it was easy to know when to disembark the bus, without worrying about missing our stop.

I had contacted the Appartello prior to our stay, to ask whether it would be ok to drop our bags off, before heading into the city to explore, as I knew that the check in time was 3pm. They had replied within a couple of hours, stating that they were more than happy to store our luggage, to save us carrying it around. As we walked into reception, we were immediately greeted with a smiling face, welcoming us to the hotel. I explained that we had come to drop off our bags, but the friendly receptionist, went one step further and offered to check whether our room was already available, in which case we could check in straight away! Luckily for us, our room was ready, so we were provided with our room keys, as well as directions and told to make ourselves feel at home and welcome in the Appartello hotel.

Our Room

Having being up since the early hours, it was great to be able to have an hours rest in the room & enjoy a nice hot shower & a cup of coffee to wake us up. As we entered the room, we were immediately impressed with both the size and layout of the room. It featured all the modern conveniences you could possibly need, including a beautiful white gloss kitchen with brushed steel appliances.

The kitchen area was really modern and clean, which featured a fridge freezer, oven, microwave, coffee machine, kettle and even a dishwasher. It really was immaculate and we were very impressed that this was available to us in our room. There was a Lidl supermarket, just a short walk away from the hotel, so it meant that we were able to stock up with drinks, snacks and fruit for the children and place them in the kitchen. Utensils, plates and cutlery were also provided, so it literally gave us everything we needed to prepare our own meals if we chose to.

Adjacent to the kitchen was a lovely desk and office area, which was an ideal place to catch up with my emails in the evening. There was a comfortable chair, a good wifi connection and also plenty of space for my laptop, papers and note pads.

The living area consisted of a double sofa bed, an additional single bed which had been added for Riley, as well as a comfortable chair, lighting and a 40" flat screen tv. We chose to leave the double sofa bed set up as the bed for the duration of our stay, but we could have also turned this back into a sofa had we wanted to.

The whole room was very tastefully decorated and we loved how fresh and modern the decor looked. This continued into the main bedroom, where there was a large king size bed, a modern wood wardrobe with ample storage space and a further 32" flat screen tv. This was great in the evenings, as it meant that the children could watch a film in the living room, when settling down for the night, whilst we could watch something else in our room.

The shower room was also ideal and featured a fantastic easy to control shower, as well as a very clean toilet and sink. It was quickly apparent that the rooms are kept to a very high standard and cleaned thoroughly and regularly, as we couldn't find a single fault with the room at all. Another aspect of the bathroom I  really liked, was that there was also a stool and childs toilet seat available for use, meaning that the hotel has thought of even their youngest of guests.

Reception & Service

After we had enjoyed a short rest, I made my way down to reception to ask for directions to the Miniatur Wunderland. Rather than just tell me where to go, the receptionist printed off full directions for me, as well as the local bus timetables and train times. I felt that this was excellent service and it was great that they were so willing to help their guests and provide as much information as possible. Once we were ready to go, we made our way to the bus stop and caught the bus to the train station where we headed into the city centre for an enjoyable day of sightseeing.

On our return, we were immediately greeted with the same cheerful welcome we had experienced earlier. We were asked if we had enjoyed our day out and whether we needed any further help or suggestions of places to go in the evening. As we were all so tired from the early start and our busy day in Hamburg, we decided to remain in the hotel on our first evening, so instead we made our way to the communal downstairs Living Room, which was available for all guests.

The excellent service from reception continued throughout our whole stay, and nothing was ever too much trouble for them. We were assisted on our second day with further directions to the Hagenbeck Tierpark, as well as being asked whether we would like a wake up call on our departure day. Everything was always done with a smile & everyone we dealt with, was always more than happy to help.

The Living Room

The Living Room, was literally home from home. There was a wide range of seating available both indoors and outdoors, some vending machines that offered food, soft drinks and alcohol at reasonable prices and a toy corner, where children could play with the train tracks & toys that were provided. Riley loves playing with his trains at home, so this was great for him and he spent a good hour with Emma setting up all the track and moving the trains through the tunnels.

It was a lovely area where you could just relax with your family, or enjoy drinks with your friends in the evening. Although there was no bar, both wine & beer were available to purchase from the machines, as well as tea and coffee. There was a choice of comfortable living room chairs, dining tables and bar stools and drinks tables. Everything was really clean and well cared for, just like we had noticed in our room earlier.

Everywhere we went in the hotel, just felt so comfortable and welcoming, that my husband and I found it very easy to relax and just enjoy spending time as a family in such lovely surroundings. The sunshine was also making a welcome appearance during our stay, so we also took advantage of the outdoor seating area, where we could enjoy a coffee under the sun.

One thing that didn't go unnoticed, was also their attention to detail. It is very easy for hotels to make things quite basic, but the Appartello had small subtle features everywhere to help make it feel very homely. This included planters outside, plant pots on the tables, ornaments and lovely art work on various walls. I always think that little touches like these really help with the overall experience and show that the owners have put a lot of thought into the style and appearance.

A Great Nights Sleep

After returning to our room in the evening, we had a comfy and really cosy nights sleep. The duvet and pillows were both soft and snug, which meant that the kids fell asleep really quickly and without any fuss. They all said that they had a fantastic nights sleep the following morning, which is a rare comment to hear from the children. Mr F & I, also experienced a peaceful sleep which made us feel energised in the morning and ready for the busy day ahead.


In the morning we returned to The Living Room, which was where breakfast also took place. This could be purchased on a "pay for what you eat" basis, where you simply fill in a form stating what you have chosen and then this gets added to your bill, to be paid on your departure. Alternatively you can choose the "Smart Breakfast" which for 7.90 euros each, you can help yourself to some freshly made sandwiches, rolls, croissants, boiled eggs, tea and coffee. We opted for the smart breakfast and enjoyed a really filling breakfast each morning.

My children enjoyed the selection and were big fans of the croissants that were available. Mr F and I enjoyed some of the freshly made sandwiches and although these weren't something that we would normally eat for breakfast, they simply looked too delicious to resist! There were no soft drinks suitable for children included in the Smart Breakfast, however there was a selection of fruit juices, milk drinks & soft drinks available for purchase.

The coffee and tea was also a really nice quality too, everything tasted just perfect and was a really welcome start to our day. The drinks machines were very easy to use and there was unlimited tea and coffee available with the Smart Breakfast which meant that I was able to get my caffeine boost in the morning.

Other Facilities

The Appartello also offers a fitness suite and free use of laundry facilities. We didn't use either of these during our stay, but it was great to know that they were available should we need them. When travelling with children, their clothes can get dirty on days out, so it was great to know that we could wash clothes prior to returning home if we wanted to.

Our Overall Stay

We had an absolutely fantastic stay from start to finish. We were very impressed with the excellent care and customer service consistently offered by the staff and really appreciated being made to feel so welcome. The rooms featured everything you could possibly need for a comfortable and relaxing stay, whilst also ensuring a great nights sleep. The pillows were incredibly soft and offered an idyllic place to rest your head after a busy day. The location of the Appartello Smarttime Living Hamburg was perfect with excellent public transport links. The airport and numerous attractions were all within easy reach and having the convenience of a supermarket next door, was also an added bonus. Overall we cannot recommend this hotel enough and shall definitely be returning again in the future. We have already been pricing up flights to return for the Christmas markets and the Appartello would definitely be our first choice for accommodation in the area. We would like to say a huge thank you to the Appartello Smarttime Living Hamburg for such a wonderful stay.

For the most up to date information, reservations and prices, you can visit their website here:
Appartello Smarttime Living Hamburg

Alternatively, you can find them on facebook here: Appartello Smarttime Living Hamburg Facebook

Address: Appartello - Smarttime Living Hamburg, Appartello GmbH, Sportallee 4, 22335 Hamburg, Germany.

Tel: +49 (0) 40 60 92 92 100

Disclaimer: We were provided with complimentary accommodation, in a premium apartment for the purpose of writing an honest review of our stay, during our recent trip to Hamburg. This was arranged with the help of the Come to Hamburg scheme. Opinions and photographs are my own unless otherwise stated. For the most up to date information, I would always recommend visiting the hotels own website.

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