Sunday, 16 July 2017

Our Week - The Summer Holidays Are Almost Here!

Only four more days left in school for my children before the school summer holidays begin and I cannot wait! The summer holidays are one of my favourite times of the year as we get a full six weeks to spend together as a family and I love to be able to have the chance to travel around and experience some new adventures.

This last week we have been very busy finalising our arrangements for July and August and we have some fantastic places planned to feature on the blog. These currently range from the Lake District to Germany, Edinburgh to Spain and Milton Keynes to Snowdonia with a few local North West & North Wales treats in between. 

Amongst all our planning though we have also had a very busy time with school reports, the school fair, sorting out the house and helping Mr. F get ready for his last Duke of Edinburgh Award trip for the school year. He has worked so hard to help get some great groups of children through their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards this year and so it will be nice for him to have a break with us and spend some quality time together.

Last Wednesday we visited the school fair which is held every year to help raise funds for our children's school. The staff, students and friends of the school team always do a great job of organising the fundraiser and every year there is always something new added for the children to enjoy. This year the local fire service were on hand to let children explore and sit inside a real fire engine and this was definitely the biggest highlight for Riley. He was so excited to sit in the back of the fire engine. There was also electric quad bike racing, wet sponge throwing and a great selection of stalls and games for everyone to enjoy.

On Friday both Emma and Ben received their school reports along with their test results and confirmation of who their teacher would be next year. I love report day as all the children at school run out so excited to ask their parents to open the envelope quickly so they know whose class they are going to be in. Then there is an excitable ten minutes where everyone runs around trying to find all their friends and check that they are in the same class. 

My daughter has stayed with the same group of friends since nursery and will be entering Year 6 when they return in September, so I was both happy and relieved to find out that she will be with the same group for her final year of primary school. Ben was delighted with his new class too and as for their test results, well I literally could not be prouder!

This next week sees the children take part in moving up day on Monday which is when they get to spend the morning in their new classes. Riley will also be participating in this as he will be moving from nursery to reception and he is so excited to be having his first school dinner with his friends tomorrow. The last day of school is Thursday and like every year the school hosts an end of year disco which my children are really looking forward to.

Overall, its been a busy but fun week and we are definitely ready for the summer break. We are all so excited to be visiting some wonderful places during the next couple of months and I cannot wait to share them all with you! 

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