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Outdoor Fun with Wicked Vision - Sonic Booma Sports Boomerang

We were recently sent the Sonic Booma Sports Boomerang by the company Wicked Vision who create fun and innovative outdoor toys for all to enjoy. My children were all very excited to see what was inside the large padded envelope and on discovering it was a Boomerang, there were immediate requests for a trip to the park.

We do have quite a large garden, however even with the best of care, you can guarantee that we lose at least one item over the fence at some point throughout the week and so I was in agreement that the best place to test this new toy out would be at the local playing field where I knew there would be lots of space.

Now we have had boomerangs before and to be honest none of them have ever lived up to the hype or actually returned, so I was somewhat sceptical as to whether this would work. However, the packaging labelled this as being "The World's Best Outdoor Boomerang" which is quite a statement to make and so I couldn't wait to find out whether this was, in fact, correct!

The Sonic Booma Sports Boomerang is made in the UK and has a flight range of 15-20 metres. It is available in three different colours which are red, yellow and blue and also has a special feature of making a loud whistling sound whilst in flight.

It took a few attempts to get the hang of throwing it properly as we had all assumed that boomerangs were thrown in a similar way to frisbees, however you need to keep the boomerang almost vertical on launch. To get the best distance and performance it is ideal to throw in light wind as this helps to carry it a little faster and also makes it easier to throw.

There is also some useful information on the back of the packaging which provides you with full instructions as to how to hold the boomerang, the direction to throw it in, the angle of the throw and how to throw! I would therefore recommend keeping the packaging until you get used to using the product as we found this advice to be very helpful.

Once you begin to get used to throwing and catching the boomerang, it is also possible to tune by bending the wings into different positions. Bending the wing down will help to create a lower flight, bending the wings upwards will create a higher hovering flight and lastly, if you twist the wing tips this creates a smaller flight circle. I was surprised to find so many options as to how to use it. My son Ben was also keen to try some of the trick catching ideas that were placed at the bottom of the packaging.

Another great idea is that the company has its own YouTube channel where you can view video tutorials that show you some tips and ideas. This was great for the kids who aren't big fans of reading instructions and would much rather view a video that shows them how to use something.

Did the boomerang return? Well actually yes it did! The first couple of attempts didn't go too well as we weren't throwing hard enough or as vertical as we should have been. But we watched the YouTube videos a couple of times and quickly got the hang of it. Before long the Sonic Booma was completing accurate return flights much to the excitement of the kids.

The product is recommended for ages 8 up, however my son Riley who is 4 always likes to be involved in everything and so I had no issue with him having a go. Although he was unable to throw it hard enough for it to do a return circuit, he was quite happy just throwing it anywhere, or to his brother and sister. Therefore although he is unable to understand how to use it properly, it still brings him some enjoyment and he feels involved.

Ben on the other hand got the hang of it quite quickly. He has recently broken his wrist and so has been unable to participate in quite a few activities lately, therefore he was pleased to be able to have fun with this as it only needed the use of one hand and I think he could have quite happily spent hours on the field playing with it.

With the product being very slimline and of a reasonable size, it fits into my handbag with ease. This means that we will definitely be taking it out with us on trips to the park, the beach and the local playing fields. It will be a great toy to take on holiday with us to keep the children entertained at the beach and won't affect our luggage allowance either due to it being very light.

Overall we had a great time with the Sonic Booma once we had got the hang of it and look forward to using it again very soon.

If you would like to purchase your own Sonic Booma Sports Boomerang, then they can be found online here for a cost of £10.00.
Sonic Booma Sports Boomerang

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Disclaimer: We were provided with the Sonic Booma Sports Boomerang free of charge for the purpose of providing an honest and impartial review. All opinions and photographs are my own unless otherwise stated.

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