Thursday, 11 May 2017

Bob the Builder: Mega Machines - The Movie

You may remember back in February we visited the fabulous Mattel Play in Liverpool, where Riley had a fantastic time pretending to be his favourite Mattel characters. He absolutely loved the Bob the Builder zone, where I am sure he could have quite happily spent hours playing in Bob's kitchen, pretending to drive his vehicles and enjoying all the construction toys.

I was therefore very excited to hear about the new Bob the Builder adventure, where he is taking to the screen with his new movie Bob the Builder: Mega Machines - The Movie.

Showing at select UK cinemas on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May, budding builders can experience an action-packed plotline featuring twists and turns, as Scoop, Muck and Lofty are eager to help Bob with his biggest build yet, constructing a dam and transforming an old quarry into a reservoir to provide Spring City with fresh water! Little ones will love seeing their favourite characters and also some new faces in the most epic Bob the Builder adventure yet!

Bob has also enlisted the help of another builder, Conrad, to help clear the quarry, along with his three enormous Mega Machines, Thud, Crunch and former TV star Ace. However, it soon becomes clear that Conrad, secretly resentful that he lost out on the dam-building contract to Bob, is plotting to undermine his rival's reputation and sabotages the dam. Soon Bob realises that things are not as they should be and that it's up to him and his team to save Spring City!

The exciting new release combines entertainment with real and practical learning values, together with lessons in social and emotional development from it's lovable characters, with an emphasis on friendship. The STEM curriculum has been built into the plotline, seamlessly underpinning the action, whilst Bob and the crew demonstrate the power of positive-thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and follow-through.

Conrad, actor Brian Cox says: "Both generations of my kids watched Bob the Builder because he's been around for a very long time. I think the thing about Bob is it's a very simple concept and it's not too complicated for children. They link on to it because of the machines, because of all the accoutrement that goes with Bob. It's his simplicity that's really at the heart of it and that's what makes it last, and has made it last through generation to generation. The history of animation is all about the history of developing images; images that become much more CGI and less cartoony and less drawn. I think Bob is part of that heritage and part of the whole development."

A great day out for all the family this bank holiday weekend, your nearest cinema screenings, viewing times and booking options can be found here and you can watch the trailer here, for a sneak peek of what Bob and the gang are up to - let's get building!

To book tickets please visit - Bob the Builder: Mega Machines - The Movie

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