Thursday, 20 April 2017

Family Fun with Dig In! - Review & Competition

As a family, we love playing games together. They are the perfect form of entertainment for in the evening, or on rainy days, and so we were really happy to be given the opportunity to try out one of Drumond Park's most popular games, Dig In!

The concept of the game is really simple, yet as we found when we started to play, it is also extremely challenging and frantically fun. It is a great test of hand to eye coordination and an enjoyable game for the whole family to enjoy.

The product comes packaged in a square box, which has been designed in a colourful and eye catching way. You can immediately understand what the game will involve from the images used on the packaging, and it is marketed as being "The great game of frantic finding fun!". It is recommended as being suitable for ages 8 +, which I can only assume is because of the small pieces involved, as I allowed Riley (age 4) to join in with supervision and he was able to understand how to play and really enjoyed it just as much as the rest of us.

The reverse of the box, provides further instructions on how to play, so it is great that you can find the majority of the information you need on the actual packaging, enabling you to make an informed decision about purchasing. A handy contents list is also provided, so you can see exactly what will be included in the box, and just what you are getting for your money. The contents list is as follows:
  • 'Dig In' Bowl
  • 128 pieces (32 each of Red, Blue, Green and Yellow)
  • 12 Double-Sided Cards
  • 15 Second Timer
  • Instructions

Setting up the game was really easy, and was simply a case of emptying the bags of the pieces into the large white plastic bowl. The cards were all placed together on a sheet of card and so it was just a case of popping them out along the perforated edges and in less than a minute we were ready to play.

We began by mixing the coloured pieces together in the bowl, and then shuffled the cards before  selecting one at random. There are two options with the cards, in that you can either play on the grey side where you just have to match the object, or on the coloured side where you need to select the correct colour as well as the right object. Each card features six objects.

When it is time for the first player to take their turn, they simply press the timer down which allows 15 seconds for you to rummage through all the items to try and find your pieces. This sounds really simple, and in theory it is, but as you are aware that your time is running out, it becomes a frantic scramble to try and locate your pieces just in time. 

On your first go in the game you can use both your hands as each player takes a turn, and then once everyone has had an individual go, it then becomes a free for all, where you can all 'Dig In' to find your matching objects, however you can only use one hand this time. The first player to collect all six matching objects wins the round, and the first to win three rounds is the overall winner.

We loved the fact that the game was so easy to understand and play, as it meant less time reading through instructions and more time to 'Dig In!'. Despite the concept being so easy, I quickly got frustrated at not being able to find my pieces or complete my card as fast as the kids could, much to their delight.

Both my daughter and I are extremely competitive and it became a fun battle filled with laughter as I became determined to find my missing objects. I found that some objects were easier to identify in a rush than others, and the ones with less shape to them such as the banana were much more harder and several times I would completely overlook an object whilst the kids shouted and screamed that I had just touched what I was looking for.

As I mentioned earlier it is recommended for ages 8+ but Riley who is 4 really wanted to join in and so I had no problem with him playing whilst supervising. As it turned out, he actually won the first two rounds and seemed to find his objects far more easily than the rest of us. It was nice to have a game that the whole family could enjoy together.

Overall we found that the game was much more fun than we had initially expected it to be, and I particularly liked how easy and simple it is to set up ready for play. This makes it an ideal game to get out when the kids friends come round, or if we have a spare half an hour in the evening to have some family time together. Everything fits back in the box really easily as well, so it is easy to store and keep all the pieces together which is always a bonus.

The RRP of this game is £19.99 and as it is a game that is really simple to set up and play, you should get plenty of use out of it for your money. The plastic objects are all well made and not flimsy and so I think that the price represents a good quality product.

If you would like to have a go at playing Dig In! with your family, then I have the chance for one lucky reader to win their own copy of the game by entering my giveaway using the gleam form below.

Win Dig In! by Drumond Park

Terms and Conditions: Entry is open to UK residents aged 18 years or over. Any bulk/third party entries will be disqualified. The winner shall be drawn at random from all eligible entries on or shortly after the closing date of 30th April 2017. The winner shall be notified by email and will have 14 days to confirm that they wish to accept the prize. Should the winner fail to respond, then a new winner shall be selected at random from the remaining eligible entries. The winner's details shall be shared with the promoter for the purpose of prize fulfillment, which shall be sent directly from the promoter. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. There is 1 (one) prize of the Drumond Park game 'Dig In!' with an RRP of £19.99. In the event of any prize becoming unavailable then the promoter reserves the right to replace with a different product of equal value.

Disclaimer: I was provided with this product on a complimentary basis, for the purpose of providing an honest and impartial review of the game. All opinions and photographs are my own unless otherwise stated.


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