Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year and My New Year's Resolutions!

Welcome to my first post of 2017! Happy New Year to all my followers and I hope that 2017 brings you happiness, good health and plenty of opportunities to make some magical memories.

We had a great 2016 overall with lots of travel, special family time, and big changes work wise. With this in mind, I wanted to share my New Year's resolutions. I have seen a lot of posts stating New Year, New Me, which is great if that is what you want to achieve, however I am pretty happy with the old and existing me, but just want to make a few little changes and work towards a few goals. So here are my new years resolutions:

1) Travel more

I want my children to see the world. There are so many beautiful places both within the UK and overseas and I want to try my hardest to get out and about and take them to see some of these destinations. Learning about the world, different cultures, trying new food, languages and activities are all life skills that I want my children to experience, and so I am going to work hard towards achieving this goal.

2) Do more of what we love

Whilst trying new things as a family has always been top of our agenda, I also want to revisit some of the places and attractions that we know and love. Highlights of 2016 included a tea party with Peter Rabbit in the Lake District, visiting Peppa Pig world in Hampshire, and experiencing an action packed two weeks of camping in the summer, all of which are activities that we intend on repeating again this year.

3) Make small changes to get fitter and healthier

I'm a size 14 and I'm ok with that (apart from when sale shopping and only being able to find the clothes I like in a 6 or an 8). I've had three caesareans and I love takeaways, cake, and plenty of coffee and wine, so I've learnt to accept that my figure will never be as amazing as those flashed across the media. I have no intention of cutting out any of the things I enjoy, however I do intend to get healthier and fitter where I can by making small changes such as walking instead of driving, drinking more water, and going swimming more regularly with the kids (this way it will seem more like fun than exercise!). I'm hoping that by making some small changes I may lose a little bit of weight, but more importantly feel a bit healthier in myself.

4) Tell my kids and husband that I love them every single day

This might sound like an easy one, but we've all had days where the kids have driven you insane all day, their behaviour before bedtime makes you question every parenting skill you ever thought you had, and the thought of refereeing yet another argument over the last Diarylea Dunker in the fridge makes you want to cry, love them, and it's important that they know that and hear it everyday. I sometimes forget to say it. I shouldn't and this year I won't!

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