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Dry Kids Clothing - A Review

My family and I live in Wales, and as such, the weather can be pretty unpredictable at the best of times. With an expert 3 year old puddle jumper and professional mud seeker on my hands, my washing machine sees plenty of action, in addition to clothes being soaked or ruined on a regular basis.

As you may have seen in my last couple of posts, we recently visited the Bluestone National Park Resort for a holiday in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. I had read reviews beforehand and so I was aware that there were no washing machines in any of the lodges. This left me slightly concerned about just how many clothes I would need to pack for my children and how many pairs of trousers we would go through. I was therefore delighted when I came across the Dry Kids Clothing range and they kindly agreed to provide my son Riley with one of their Waterproof All-in-Ones to try out and put to the test.

I think it's important to let kids be kids and enjoy the outdoors. I don't agree in stopping the fun just because of the weather, and I think if children are dressed appropriately then an outdoor adventure can be enjoyed in most weather conditions, with the added bonus that most attractions and parks are really quiet when it rains. I also try and encourage my children to enjoy walking to school, and the different weather can make a boring school run, seem all the more fun, whether that be chasing leaves in the wind, jumping in puddles, or snowball fights (when we are lucky enough to get some snow). It was great therefore to not only use the All-in-One on holiday but also on the way to and from school and for visits to parks and attractions.

The Website

Dry Kids UK offer a wide range of outdoor clothing for sale, including over trousers, wellies, all-in-ones and waterproof jackets. The Dry Kids clothing range come in a nice variety of colours with new styles also being added to the website throughout the year. As well as their own range of clothing, they also offer some other products for sale, all at reasonable prices.

The website is very user friendly, and it is easy to navigate through the pages, with each category clearly displayed at the top of the home page. At the bottom of the page there is also clear company information and policies available to view, as well as a handy sizing guide, product care guide and a link to the Dry Kids blog page.

The products all have numerous pictures as opposed to just one catalogue image, which helps you to gain a better view and understanding of the item, meaning that you can make an informed choice on which product is best suited for your needs.

In addition to the pictures, there is clear, easy to read product information which tells you all you need to know about the garment including the materials used, the fastening, and other important facts such as whether there are elasticated wrist and ankle cuffs.

First impressions

The product came neatly presented in plastic bag style packaging. It was a compact size so it wasn't too bulky to pack for our holiday, and the product style, size and colour were clearly displayed on the outside.

Riley is very honest when it comes to clothing, he will tell me if he doesn't want to wear a particular item, or if something is bothering him. He doesn't like buttons to be done up right to the top, and prefers zips on outerwear so that he can dress himself (he likes to be very independent when possible). Therefore when I saw how excited he was to first wear the product, I knew I was on to a good thing, and he was very happy to be trying his All-in-One on for the first time.

Due to his honesty, and the fact that like most 3 year olds he says exactly what he's thinking, I knew he would be the ideal tester to review this item and we couldn't wait to get outside and see whether the Dry Kids All-in-One could live up to the job.

On getting the item out from the packaging I was pleased with the quality, and my first impressions were that for the price it offered excellent value for money retailing at only £12.95.

The Product

I had chosen the Royal Blue colour which was lovely and also featured reflective piping across the chest, back and hood, which is always great to have on children's clothing as a safety feature. I noticed that there was a large label on the inside that had space to write your child's name and class which is ideal for when using it for school. It is also available in Navy, Pink, Green and Red.

The All-in-One was really easy to get on and off as the zip runs right to the bottom of one leg, so when it comes to taking it off, you only need to remove one shoe, which I have found handy on the school run as it makes it a quick process to get ready for nursery once we arrive at the school.

One thing in particular that I really liked was that there is also a stretchy waistband, so there is ample room for clothes underneath in the summer, but also the ability to stretch that little bit more when needing to wear fleeces or coats underneath in the winter. On our first outing with the All-in-One I dressed Riley in joggers and a fleece hoody. He said that he was nice and warm but didn't get too hot or too cold which was ideal.

When we first went for a walk around a beautiful lake the weather was quite overcast so I knew it wouldn't be long before we had some rain. For once I was actually hoping for a real downpour, to test it thoroughly, but during the walk we had frequent on and off showers instead, though still enough to get wet and the kind where your feet get soaked through your shoes. The elasticated cuffs on the trouser legs make it easy to put the cuff either over or inside your footwear. I chose to put them over Riley's welly boots so that no water could get inside, preventing the problem of wet socks!

The wrist cuffs are also elasticated, so again these are perfect for holding gloves in place, which I am hoping to try out very soon if the forecasted snow arrives this week as expected!

The All-in-One is made of a waterproof fabric tested to a 3000mm Hydrostatic Head. I had heard of this term before when we had been looking at tents last year, so I had some kind of idea as to what it meant. Basically the Hydrostatic Head value is a measurement of how water resistant the fabric is. The higher the value is then the more capable it is of withstanding more water pressure before leaking. The All-in-One also has taped seams so there are no gaps for any water to leak through the stitching.

In terms of sizing, I ordered my son an age 3-4 and it fitted him just right in the length. He will be 4 this month and is of average height for his age. It wasn't tight on him in any area and Riley said that it was very comfortable. The sleeves were ever so slightly too long, so I rolled each wrist cuff over once which held in place absolutely fine.

There is a hood on the All-in-One which is mesh lined. When it began to rain I removed Riley's hat, and placed his fleece hood over his head, and then the All-in-One hood over the top of that. It fitted over perfectly without being tight and it meant that Riley could keep his head and ears both warm and dry.

After we had taken the All-in-One on it's first outing, I was pleased to find that Riley's clothes were spotless and also completely dry. We had stopped at a cafe and indoor play area but unfortunately due to being busy there were no seats, so it was down to me to be left stood holding the coats. Not this one though, as due to the fact it is so lightweight, I was able to give it a quick wipe down and fold it up neat and small so that it fitted straight into my bag. Perfect!

I had initially come across this product when looking for waterproof clothing for outdoor fun and had at first envisaged using this on walks and for the school run, However whilst Riley was wearing the product I kept getting more and more ideas for places that he could use it. It soon became apparent how versatile this product actually was and just how much wear he would get out of this over the year. I started thinking about when we go to the beach in the cooler months to take the dogs for a walk, and Riley always manages to get sand absolutely everywhere. It would be so easy to just wipe sand off this and keep his clothes clean. I also then thought back to when we visited both Alton Towers and Legoland last year and how this would have been ideal for going on the water rides, so that he still had fun and could enjoy being splashed, but yet remain dry.

Would I change anything?

I wouldn't change anything as such, however I would add the Dry Kids logo somewhere on the garment. I noticed that both the jackets and the dungarees in the range both have the logo's so would like to see them introduced onto these and the trousers too. However, that being said, I am unaware of what the cost implications of this would be and so if it was a choice between branding and keeping the product low cost and affordable for customers then obviously I would go with the latter.

Overall opinion

At £12.95 this product offers excellent value for money and not only that, but it looks great too! We received several compliments during one walk alone with other parents also asking where we had purchased this from. It is perfect for Riley and I know that he will use this many times before he outgrows it.

My older son Ben who is now 9, is going on a couple of adventure weekends this year, with both his school and football club and so I have already made the decision to purchase one of these for him too. He is a keen gardener as well so I think this will also be ideal for him whilst out in the garden to protect his clothes from dirt and for him to use at lunchtime at school whilst at Gardening Club.

The product offers great quality, versatility, and most importantly the ability to keep clothes dry, all at a bargain price and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to other parents.

I also believe that this item will be great for playing in the snow (when we finally get some), and if the weather forecast for this week is correct, then I hope to update this blog post again in a few days time once it has experienced snowfall, sledging and snowball fights.

If you would like to purchase this product, then it is available to buy here: Dry Kids All-in-One

You can also see the rest of the range here: Dry Kids Clothing

Disclaimer: I was provided with this product free of charge for the purpose of testing and reviewing the item and giving my honest and unbiased opinion. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Any prices or product links were correct at the time of writing this post.

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