Monday, 28 November 2016

A Crazy Time with Crazy Claw! - Review & Competition

Thanks to Drumond Park, we have another fabulous game to show you called Crazy Claw in addition to a fantastic giveaway. This game is aimed more at younger children and is recommended for 2-4 players aged 5+.

The game is reminiscent of the popular arcade machines where you try to grab a toy with the machine powered claw. However, in this game, it is you that is in control of the claw, whilst your opponents try to make it as difficult as possible for you to collect the toy tokens that you need. We had already seen this game advertised on television and so we were very excited to be able to try it out.

When I first received the product, I was surprised by the size of the box. It was much smaller than I was expecting, as I had already seen the size of the claw machine in the adverts. This did ring some alarm bells for me as I though uh-oh this must mean self assembly required, which unfortunately is not one of my greatest skills.

The front of the box displays two children enjoying the game, and trying to catch the balls inside. The imagery is a mixture of real products and people, combined with some cartoon graphics, with an area of text describing it as "The Crazy Arcade Action Game". It is bright, colourful and looks exciting to play.

The reverse of the box provides a bit more information, along with a further two images, one of which that shows you what the toy tokens look like inside the balls. There is a brief description of how to play the game which is really easy to read and understand, and this is followed by the contents list and company information.

On opening the box, we found:

  • A Unit Base and lid
  • Folding clear unit walls
  • Grabber
  • 12 balls
  • 12 Toy Tokens
  • 4 Collection Cards
  • 2 Sticker Sheets
  • Instructions
I need not have worried earlier about the self assembly, this was really easy and took me less than a minute to put together. The plastic unit walls simply slot into the base and then you place the lid on top. It was myself that built it on this occasion, but I am confident that the kids will have no issue doing this themselves in the future. The stickers can then be added which the children wanted to do, so that was the longest part as it took them half an hour to make sure all the stickers were perfect and in the right place.

The game is recommended for age 5+ but having had a quick read through the instructions, I felt that the concept of the game was very easy and my 3 year old had no issues in understanding how to play. The aim is to grab the correct balls that have the toy tokens inside to fill your game card before the others. Each game card features three different tokens, and if you choose a ball that has a matching token inside you can keep the token and put the empty ball back into the game, making it harder for your opponents. If you select a game token that you don't have then you simply place the ball & token back into play, whilst trying to remember which ball it was so you don't pick it again!

For additional enjoyment, you can also make the game more difficult for the other players, by tapping like crazy on the paddles that are around the outside of the walls. This causes the balls to bounce around in all directions and makes it harder to both grab the balls, and also to keep track of the ball you want. My children had a great time with this game, and it is definitely one that they won't be getting bored of any time soon.

If I was to make any critical point, it is just the fact that you need to dismantle it and rebuild it each time you play if you want it to remain in the box, as obviously it does not fit when built. You could choose to leave it assembled and store it somewhere else, however with the walls only being made from plastic, I would be worried about damage that could occur, and so for the sake of a couple of minutes it is definitely better to dismantle it and store in the box it came in.

Overall we really enjoyed this game, and I can see this being the first game that gets pulled out of the cupboard when my children have friends round. It has an RRP of £22.99 which is slightly higher than what I would usually pay for a game, however with it being a unique idea that offers lots of fun, I would be happy to pay this.

If you would love to try this game, then I have a fantastic opportunity for you to win one courtesy of Drumond Park. They have kindly provided a prize for one winner, and if you would like to try your chances, then simply enter using the Gleam form below. Good Luck!

Win Crazy Claw by Drumond Park Terms and Conditions:
Entry is open to UK residents aged 18 or over. Any bulk/third party entries will be disqualified. The winner shall be drawn at random from all eligible entries. The winner shall be notified via email and will have 14 days to confirm that they wish to accept the prize. Should the winner fail to respond, then a new winner shall be selected at random from the remaining entries. The winner's details will be shared with the promoter for the purpose of prize fulfillment, which shall be sent directly from the promoter. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery, though every effort shall be made to try and get this to the winner before Christmas.

*Disclaimer - I was provided with this product free of charge for the purpose of this review and to give my honest opinion of this game. All opinions are my own.

This product is available to buy from Amazon, and other good retailers. The link above is an affiliate link which means that if you choose to purchase after clicking, then I may receive a small commission. These small commissions help me to run this site and provide great content for my readers.


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