Monday, 24 October 2016

Our #FrubesMoves Challenge

My two eldest children (aged 8 & 9) love Angry Birds. They also have a keen passion for food and possess a unique skill of making a weekly shop, last only a single day.  Therefore, when we found out about the partnership between Frubes and Angry Birds, they were understandably very keen to try them out, and provide their expert food opinions.

Frubes are already the largest portable yoghurt brand, and my children often enjoy them as part of their packed lunch at school. They are available in a variety of flavours including Strawberry, Red Berry, Peach and Banana. 

My children have previously often opted for the Strawberry flavour, but recently turned their tastebuds to the Banana flavour, with my daughter claiming "it was a delight on the palette" (yes she has been watching far too much of a certain popular bakery programme lately). In simple translation though I think she was basically stating that it was indeed rather yummy!

In addition to the tasty flavours, there are of course some great health benefits to Frubes. They contain both Vitamin D and Calcium which help to build strong bones. Taking care of your child's bones is very important, due to the fact that around 90% of their lifetime bone mass is set by the age of 18 and so it is fantastic that Frubes can help children to obtain some calcium through their diet.

If the flavours and health benefits weren't enough, then how about the added bonus of an amazing competition which is currently running on pack until the 31st October. As part of the Angry Birds Partnership, Frubes are offering families the chance to win an amazing host of prizes with weekly draws for Angry Birds Movie Merchandise, and an amazing grand prize of a Family Holiday for 4 to spend 6 nights in the Bahamas! Wow!!!!

Frubes are available to purchase in all leading supermarkets and have an RRP of £2.00. The packs that I purchased each contained 9 x 40g pouches. The pouches are very easy to open, suitable for small hands without the need for scissors, making them ideal for packed lunches.

Frubes have also launched a brand new fantastic website to tie in with all of this, and this can be found at In celebration of the collaboration, they have created a Squawksome game, where you can have a dance-off between the Angry Birds and the Mischevious Pigs. If you have seen the film then you will know the the Angry Birds and the Mischevious Pigs are enemies and the game allows you to pick a side and settle the feud for good with a dance off and find out who does really have the BEST dance moves.

Inspired by this, my children couldn't wait to have their own dance off, and so they did, to the same themes available on the game which are Funky, Dance Party, 80's Funk, Mexican Fiesta and Jazzy. My 3 year old absolutely loves to dance and so he couldn't help but get involved too. 

None of my children have ever been to dance classes (as you can probably tell from the video), however that being said, they certainly have their own dance styles and aren't afraid to show of their freestyle moves! Check out the video below!

This post is an entry for BritMums' #FrubesMoves Linky Challenge sponsored by Frubes

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