Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Best Things in Life are Free

The weather has been so lovely this weekend and so I was determined to get us out and about, but wanted to stay local. We are very fortunate to have so many parks, scenic walks, attractions and beaches all within ten minutes drive, but we decided that we were only going to venture down the road today and decided to visit Wepre Park, which is in Connahs Quay.

Wepre Park offers a visitor centre with small cafe, a children's play area, playing fields, a skate park and some beautiful woodland walks, and there is also plenty of free parking available. 

There are many routes that can be taken through the woods, but we chose to follow the path from the visitor centre that leads right through the woodland and takes you to the Ewloe Castle ruins on the opposite side. The walk there and back takes about an hour, and there are a few picnic benches along the way if you want to stop for a drink or snack. The walk is very easy and not at all strenuous, with just a little bit of effort needed when you reach near the castle and there are quite a few steps to walk up.

The castle itself is very mysterious, as not much is known about its history other than it is thought to have been completed by Welsh Prince Llywellyn ap Gruffudd around 1257AD. It was later abandoned a few years later and allowed to fall to ruin. I find things like this so fascinating and it really makes you wonder what life was like back then, so many years ago. It is a shame that not much more is known about its history as I am sure it would make for a very interesting story. There are steps on one side of the castle which allows you to climb to the top for a nice view over the woodland.

 After a good wander around, we made our way back to the visitor centre, stopping for a short game of pooh sticks on the bridge along the way, and a nice paddle in one of the shallow and slow parts of the river. My youngest was very excited to be looking around for bugs and other creatures, and he also enjoyed seeing the many birds flying amongst the trees. It is very popular with dog walkers and so we saw some lovely dogs during our walk who were having a great time getting exercise and being covered in mud!

Once we had returned to the visitor centre, we purchased some ice creams, and a couple of drinks and made use of the outside seating area. The cost of items in the cafe is really reasonable and they have numerous pocket money sweets for children too like 10p sherbets and ice pops along with a nice selection of cakes. They also serve offer a small hot food menu if you are after more than just a snack.

After enjoying our ice creams we spent a lovely half hour just on the children's play area. The play area has been well thought out and offers something for children of all ages. It is well maintained, clean and safe and our kids absolutely love it there. If you are in the North Wales area and looking for something fun and interesting to do, that won't cost a penny, then be sure to visit Wepre Park.

If you would like more information, then Flintshire County Council have produced an information booklet which can be downloaded here: Wepre Park

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